when winter comes at yukon guided adventureS …

… Kluane National Park and the surrounding area becomes magical. The Yukon is the perfect spot for any winter outdoor adventures you might think of. Find yourself snowshoeing in the wilderness. Venture unexplored territory with a snowmobile. Get to know the local way of transportation and go dogsledding. Or experience what it means to catch your dinner out of Yukon’s frozen lakes.


Whether you’re an easy-going explorer or a seasoned adventure seeker, we have the perfect excursion for you. We believe that having a guide enriches the experience of every guest while discovering our trails, lakes, wildlife, history and more. That said our experienced guides will take you on adventures which are designed for all abilities and interests, and make sure your time here will leave unforgettable memories behind.


Come to Haines Junction and join us for some fun winter activities, while staying at Mount Logan Lodge, your “Home away from Home”. After a long day out exploring, you will arrive back at Mount Logan Lodge, warming up in a hot bath tub or relaxing your muscles in our sauna. Meanwhile, a home cooked family style dinner will be prepared and will await you in the living room. The firewood crackles while the night lights up with the fabled Aurora Borealis – the northern lights..

Signature Tour 3 Night/ 4 Days

Our all-in winter outdoor package for you: Ice Fishing, Snowmobiling, Dog-Sledding and Northern Lights Watching. For those of you that come visit the Yukon for only a few days but wanna experience all adventures in once, we created a package that includes our most popular winter activities. Our guides will take you to see magical sceneries of Haines Junction and the surrounding area and make sure you leave home with a package full of unforgettable memories. During the four days stay, Mount Logan Lodge at Haines Junction will be your home away from home.        READ MORE…

Ice Fishing & Northern Lights, 2 Night/ 3 Days

You always wanted to experience Canada’s Winter adventures? What better way to see the Kluane region in Canada’s Yukon, than by spending the days ice-fishing on one of Yukon’s pristine frozen lakes? More than twenty-seven northern fish species are home in Yukon’s lakes and rivers, such as rainbow trouts, graylings, northern pike, arctic char or burbot.

After your day out and when the night falls, chances are given we will see the aurora borealis (no guarantee). Next morning, we wake you up early with a warm drink in your hand to watch the aurora right from our backyard. Enjoy the day out in the snow or fishing or resting before we head the following evening to chase the northern lights. We will teach you the fundamentals of taking pictures of that magical happening. READ MORE…

Ultimate Winter Adventure Tour

5 Nights, 6 Days

Coming on our ultimate winter outdoor adventures tour, you will experience it all! Spend a week packed with 100% Canadian winter outdoor fun. We and our guides will take you on a journey packed with adventures such as Snowmobiling, Dog Sledding, Ice Fishing, Snowshoeing and chasing the Northern lights. During your stay, Mount Logan Lodge will be your home away from home. You will spend time with lots of laughter, unforgettable moments, our outdoor sauna and hot tub, evenings with great food, gathered around the fireplace. What more can someone ask for a perfect winter getaway? READ MORE…

Snowmobiling & Northern Lights

2 Nights, 3 Days

Snowmobiling is THE ultimate fun up here! We do tours for every level. Wherever we take you, the awaiting scenerie will be breathtaking and when the night is about to fall, chances are given we get to see the beautiful Aurora Boralis (without guarantee though). We leave you the option to wake you up early morning and watch the lights right from our backyard. The following evening we go out to chase the Northern Lights and teach you how to take those lights best in pictures. So you can take that unique happening back home in pictures. READ MORE…