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Snowshoeing is like Floating over snow …

… and okay, snowshoeing is much more exhausting 🙂 In other words: it is like hiking but allows you to go to places you could not easily walk to. Thanx to these big “shoes” under feet, that prevent you from sinking deep into the snow.  Unless you wanna throw yourself in 😉

Once you have a pair of snowshoes strapped to your feet, winter actually does become a walk in the park. Our guides have endless “trails” in their reportoire to bring you too and will let you venture into uncharted territory and discover hidden beauty.

Depending your level of fitness, time and experience, we can take you out exploring the mountains of the greater Kluane National Park area on a half or a full day hike.



Snowshoeing Options

Half Day Hike: $140 per person

Full Day Hike: $195 per person


Prices include: snow shoes & guide

Not included are: guides gratuities, 5 % tax. A surcharge may be added for transportation.

venture into uncharted territory


discover hidden beauty