Northern Lights – AURORA BOREALIS

The Yukon is home to one of the  world’s most spectacular wonder: the northern lights. Or, in other words: the Aurora Borealis. Winter in the Yukon means many months and therefore plenty of possibilities to view this natural phenomenon.

Let us take you to the best spot to see and photograph the Auroras. Our guide will drive you where the views are the best!  

The northern lights can be viewed from mid-August through to mid-April. So depending on when you come, you may not need a cozy parka at all.


Chasing Northern Lights


3-4 hrs Tour with Guide: $175 per person

Tour with a Photographer: starts at $350 (inquire)


*Prices include: guide, snacks and warm drinks

**Photography Tour: price depending on group size. Please enquire

Not included are: guides gratuities, 5 % tax. A surcharge may be added for transportation.