ice-fishing yukon


You love fishing? Plan on coming when the lakes are frozen? No problem. Ice-fishing is exceptional in the Yukon!

Therefore, pack your winter close, your best buddy and off we go on a nice winter day out on Yukon’s frozen lakes. Enjoy the convenience of having our guides with you that will do all the prep work, drill a hole in the ice, set you up with your rod and bait, get a fire going, and pass hot drinks around. All you have to do is keep your eye on the lure and don’t let the big one get away.

For double the fun: combine your ice-fishing tour with another popular winter outdoor adventure as snowmobiling.


Ice-Fishing Options

Tour* 3-4 hrs: $225 per person

Combo Tour** 3-4 hrs: 350 per person


*Prices are stated for 2 Person minimum per tour and include guide, gear and fishing license, snacks and warm drinks.

**Combo Tour is a combination of Snowmobiling and Ice Fishing and includes: snowmobile, fuel, helmets, guide, introduction, fishing gear and license, snacks and warm drinks.

Not included are: guides gratuities, 5 % tax. A surcharge may be added for transportation.