Dogsledding –

the ultimate yukon winter adventure

Dogsledding is a classic northern mode of transportation and a very popular outdoor activity among Yukon visitors.

A powerful pack of Alaskan huskies pulling a speeding sled dogs and musher along a snow-packed trail: it’s the the best Yukon adventure and mostly the ultimate adventure that most travellers coming to the Yukon dream of!

Before you race with your dog team through the winter wilderness, your private guide will teach you the basics of mushing and, most importantly, dog care. Being prepared for guiding the sled, you will your journey through the Yukon’s winter wonderland. We can already promise, dogsledding the yukon area is sure to become your highlight outdoor experience and an iconic memory during your visit here.

We cooperate with Run Wild Yukon Dogsledding

The Run Wild Yukon Dogsledding is located about 50 km outside of Haines Junction towards Haines (Alaska) where your dog teams and Erin will be waiting for you. You can stand on the sled runners and drive the dog team yourself, or sit in the sled’s “basket” and gain an appreciation for the strength of the dog team. Just don’t forget your sunglasses – the handlers will take care of everything else.

Erin, the company owner and your guide, will be offering a taste of one of the north’s greatest fall and winter adventures.

A must try!

Run Wild Yukon. Dogsledding and Dogmushing

Pricing Dogsledding Tour

Price start at $200 per person (depending on length of tour)

Dogsledding Yukon
Dog Mushing in the Yukon
Dogsledding Yukon