Yukon Summer

…is typically warm and dry. It has long hours of daylight known as the midnight sun. Long days mean lots of wildlife activities that one can witness. Join us on a 4×4 Wildlife tour, spot diverse species of wild birds as well as larger animals, such as moose and bears, that mostly can be seen foraging around rivers for fresh greens. Enjoy endless hiking and backpacking trails or discover the Kluane National Park area from the water. Spend a day out fishing or canoeing on one of Yukon’s crystal clear glacier fed lakes.

Canoeing Yukon & Kluane National Park with Yukon Guided Adventures

Guided Hiking Tours

The Yukon is a hiker’s dream come true. Discover hidden lakes, follow rivers and canyons, and hike up to unforgettable panoramic views. With so many trails, there’s hiking for any length and skill.

Rafting with Yukon Guided Adventures

River Float

Come and get away from the hustle and bustle, join us for a 2.5 -3 hours rafting trip on the smooth-flowing river named Dezadeash. This trip is suitable for all family members and all fitness levels.

4x4 Wilderness Tour with Yukon Guided Adventures

Alsek Valley Wilderness Tour

80% of the Yukon is wilderness. No surprise that the Yukon is always your best bet for seeing wildlife. Watch out for bears, moose, sheep, goats and more along the way.

Discover Yukon Summer Outdoor Adventures

Explore Kluane By Car

Journey through the Kluane region visiting national park and community facilities and attractions.




… the longest season, may be dark, cold and snowy, but you’ll soon find out why that makes Yukon winters all the better. Where else can you find all the fun winter activities in one spot? Find yourself mush across frozen lakes, go on a dogsledding or snowmobiling tour, discover the mountains while snowshoeing or go on a ice-fishing trip, learning about the gear and techniques how to catch the big one. The long, dark months are also the perfect ingredients for one of the most amazing, natural phenomena of the world: the aurora borealis, the northern lights.

Come on a snowshoe tour with Yukon Guided Adventures


Snowshoeing is a lot like hiking but allows you to venture into uncharted territory and discover beauty hidden in every direction. The greater Kluane National Park area offers numerous possibilities for half or a full day hikes.

Dog Sledding


Live the Yukon adventure and join us on a dogsledding tour. Mushing the frozen lakes with a dog team is one of the best Yukon winter experiences.

Snowmobile Tour Yukon - ultimate winter fun adventure

Ice Fishing

You love fishing? Plan on coming when the lakes are frozen? Pack your winter clothing, your best buddy, and off we go on a nice winter day out on Yukon’s frozen lakes.

Northern Lights

Experience one of the world’s most spectualar wonders: the aurora borealis (the northern lights).

Discover the Mountains and wilderness of the Yukon
Hike Yukons mountains with Yukon Guided Adventures