The Yukon is one the most spectacular places on the planet. Kluane National Park and Reserve includes Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak, as well as glaciers, trails and the Alsek River.  Yukon Guided Adventures is placed right next to Haines Junction, the entrance gate to any kind of outdoor adventures. Therefore Yukon Guided Adventures has the perfect destination for any outdoor adventurer seeking untouched wilderness, soaring mountains and picturesque landscapes.

Where to find us

Haines Junction, a village in Canada’s and the home of Yukon Guided Adventures and Mount Logan EcoLodge, is found on the edge of a vast and spectacular wilderness. And furthermore, it is a gateway to the Kluane National Park and Reserve. Surrounded by a beautiful and rugged landscape, Haines Junction is truly a wilderness town, offering exceptional outdoor experiences for any type of traveler. Our community lies within the traditional territory of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations – Southern Tutchone people who have lived in the area for thousands of years. Kluane National Park and Reserve, together with the Tatshenshini-Alsek Park in British Columbia, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska form the largest internationally protected area on earth. The area is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Mount Logan EcoLodge is the perfect home away from home. The family run business features a variety of accomodations (Mount Logan Suite, Mount King George Family Room, Mount Vancouver Deluxe Room, Rent The Lodge, Mount Martha Black Yurt, The Old Gold Rush Cabin and Gypsy School Bus) and healthy food options. Bordering Kluane National Park, you can enjoy some of the most amazing trails in the Yukon right from the lodges doorsteps.

What to experience

Come on your Yukon guided outdoor adventures with us. Embark on an alpine odyssey the way you want it in Kluane National Park and surrounding area. Summer as winter season, Yukon Guided adventures offers a wide variety of guided tours and activities throughout the year. If you are an adventurous solo traveler, a nature loving couple or a group of friends and family: we tailor our activities to your abilities, desires and experiences.

Your ultimate canada outdoor experience can include any combination of family-friendly or more adventurous guided tours, hikes or backpacking trips. Our crystal clear glacier fed lakes invite you to join us on a fishing tour and casting out your hook for the big catch. Of course we also offer one of the Yukon’s most desired winter-fun-adventures such as guided snowmobiling and dog-sledding tours or chasing the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights. Furthermore we show you the Yukon’s wildlife during a 4×4 wilderness tour, spending a day out watching numerous species of sheep, mountain goats, moose, caribou, bears and species of small mammals and birds. Wanna see the day beauty from a birds-eye view? Then go on a flightseeing tour or try a  combination of heli-hiking and heli-fishing trip.

Get in touch

Scroll through our offered guided tours & activities and packages or send us a request of guided tours and activities you are looking for. We make sure to come back to you shortly with a customized yukon guided adventures package.

Roxanne & David






We believe, having a guide enriches the experience of every visitor while exploring the Yukon’s hiking trails, lakes, wildlife, history and more. Therefore our highly experienced guides are available to show you the beauty of Kluane National Park and surrounding. Choosing the right trails and paths according to your level of fitness and experience.

David Mason


I grew up near Birmingham, England. I have been calling Canada home since 2004 and Yukon since 2009.

I joined the army at the age of 19, and became  commando engineer. My love affair with the nature and any outdoor adventures started right here. After the army, I studied adventure tourism in Birmingham and outdoor education in Finland. Since then I have been honing my skills throughout Europe Scandinavia and Canada.

I am a Jack of all trades and enjoy kayaking, canoeing, fishing, climbing, hiking, snowmobiling, dog mushing and pretty much anything involved in the outdoors.

Joining me on your next trip: i promise, it wont be boring 🙂


Roxanne Mason


Born in Montreal, I never really became a city person. At the age of 25 I decided I wanted to see the world, starting with Canada first. When I arrived in the Canadian Rockies, I found where I belonged: in the mountains. I spent time learning about climbing, hiking, backpacking, skiing and so much more! I spent my time between the Canadian Rockies, British Columbia, France and Switzerland, while I finished my studies in tourism adventures. Mount Logan Lodge was a surprise in my life; it always has been a dream of mine to own a Lodge. I always believed in my dreams, and this one came true! I also refuse to be bored, looking for challenges, new things and to keep learning and this is truly not a boring life!

Dog Mushing in the Yukon. A one of a kind experience

Erin Stevens


I came to the Yukon 10 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario looking for life beyond suburbia. What I found was an adventure of a lifetime in the form of Alaskan Huskies. Spending the last 7 years exploring the north with my family of sled dogs has taught me valuable life lessons including patience, perseverance and the joy of living in the moment.

The team and I run 10 to 100 mile races while we strive for the ultimate goal of running the 1000 mile Yukon Quest.

Our summers are spent guiding for Tutshi Sled Dog Tours allowing my dogs to run year round, keeping them fit and active.

My goal of guiding is to share with you my love of mushing and for you to experience these incredible athletes in their element on the trail.

Kilderic is your hiking guide at Yukon Guided Adventures

Kilderic Moroy


Michael is your fishing guide at Yukon Guided Adventures

Michael Doodey

Fishing & Ice Fishing guide / Wildlife viewing guide